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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
Microsoft 2007
The preliminary instruction (Русский вариант)
(Or from what to start and how to correct, if the office is already installed)

   1. The first item of the main instruction only for those for whom is not downloaded yet office or there were problems with a key or activation.
   2. For whom the office is already downloaded start at once about 2 items.
   3. If it is installed with other key. Try about 3 items of the main instruction.
   4. If that does not help delete the serial number so: Start-up-fulfil-print out: regedit – press OK. the editor of the register Will open, delete keys ProductID and DigitalProductID to the address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Registration \{91120000-002F-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE} also begin about 2 points.


   1. We swing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, precisely I do not guarantee that the file downloaded from Microsoft will accept a key (refresh the black list of keys), besides the key does not approach to other versions, (tried).
Therefore a file for office installation downloaded from Microsoft site (date of downloading of 4/25/2010) here: Download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
The package includes following applications:
• Microsoft Office OF WORD 2007
• Microsoft Office OF EXCEL 2007
• Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
• Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
   2. We instal from ключём: DDY79-433JV-2RXGX-MQFQP-PFDH8
   3. To replace with a file from archive 2007.rar similar in a folder (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12) (the way depends from ситемы and it was often discussed in коментариях Russian variant of article, read for example 139 and 142) to it Download 2007.rar
   4. At the first start it is selected Activation by phone.
   5. IMPORTANT! In a following window it is copied from an installation code the first 7 groups of digits (the others simply will not get!)
   6. ALL!
   7. The password on any file downloaded by reference from this site: kjfhfgitnf648dhv4.fg.dg,thyb
   8. I will be grateful for distribution of the link to this material http://lichno.ucoz.ru/publ/microsoft_office_home_and_student_2007/1-1-0-2 and in general on site http://lichno.ucoz.ru
   9. Still it is possible to thank the author

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Категория: Программы | Добавил: Uzer (02.07.2010)
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Всего комментариев: 9
1 Alex  
Thanks, work.

2 luka  
помогите как активировать Microsoft Office для дома и учебы 2007 после того как я вел код DDY79-433JV-2RXGX-MQFQP-PFDH8 ЗАРАНЕЕ БЛАГОДАРЮ!! luksu70@inbox.ru

4 Uzer  
На русском этот вопрос давно решен! ТУТ

3 dmitry  
the pasward for *rar* files (kjfhfgitnf648dhv4.fg.dg) given in description is not working. please advice how to copy file from 2007.rar file.
Many thanks in advance.

5 Uzer  
Thanks. I simply haven't noticed. Here the password kjfhfgitnf648dhv4.fg.dg,thyb

6 Виктория  
Все получилось! Спасибо огромное!!!!!

7 oriemiaweet  

8 OrstSib  
Большое, русское спасибо! Наши рулят.

9 briexiblezes  

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